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Having a stylish designer kitchen is undoubtedly a dream come true. In fact, there is something better than this, and it comes in the form of a designer kitchen with fine details. It is the details that make the kitchen as functional and beautiful as you would like it to be. There are a few tricks to creating features in such a way that they make a difference without you even noticing. Here are some of these secrets when it comes to key aspects of cooking:

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Socket Molding Under Cabinets – If you like discretion, you can place socket moldings just below the cabinets on the wall. It is convenient and leaves your backsplash neat.

Coordinate the color of the plugs – Electricians often prefer white plugs. Although the color is not bad, it creates a contrast that takes away the beauty of splashes that are not white. Well, you can coordinate the color of your outlets with that of your backsplash tiles.

Pop-up Plugs: One more outletless option that you have is pop-up plugs. As it disappears into the countertop, this type of outlet is quite useful in areas without wall cabinets that hide the plug trim strips.

Rotate the outlets sideways; If you are sure about wall outlets, you can install them on their side. That way you can position them closer to the counter, contributing to a less obstructive profile.

Light up your designer kitchen

Task lighting: If there’s one thing that can make your life easier, it’s task lighting. With some under-cabinet lighting, you can illuminate different areas of the countertop, making food preparation easier. Install work lights in the front of the cabinets, not the rear.

Bright Cabinets – Installing LED lighting strips on both sides of a cabinet creates bright shelves. Hide the strips behind the face frame and it will have a fantastic ambient effect in the kitchen.


Panels hide your dishwasher; Regardless of whether you are coating your refrigerator, you can put panels in the dishwasher. As it contributes to a more harmonious look in the kitchen, uninterrupted by a gray stainless steel area.

Hide your microwave: If you can’t do without a microwave, you can just get one and hide it. Instead of taking up valuable space on your countertops. For this, you can get a wall cabinet with one of them hinged doors.


Don’t overload the hood – If you’re using a chimney hood, make sure there is at least 3 inches between it and the cabinets on the left and right. This has the visual advantage of not obstructing the space. Also, the wall cabinets are sure to stay clean longer this way.

Glass Cabinets Next to Hood – This combo may be visually pleasing but hardly practical. It requires continuous cleaning of dirt and grease, which means these cabinets are best installed elsewhere.

Now that you know these detailed secrets, you can better plan your designer kitchen. Make sure to follow the advice and the place will turn out even better.

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