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Games Workshop’s moonscape bundle comes at a pretty good price. For under $ 20 and well under two hours, you can have five highly detailed 40k terrain craters. These craters are multifunctional. They can be used on Planetstrike to reflect pre-game bombings and firestorms; and can be used in any Warhammer 40k game to show where tanks or fortifications exploded. In terms of the game and subject to the agreement of the players, craters usually transmit coverage 6+ or sometimes, 5+ as land area. They may or may not be considered difficult terrain, again depending on the wishes of the players.

Craters paint very well right out of the box. Imprimarlos and then applying a base coat earth tone, follow with a lighter shade of paint and highlight with a brush dry a clear tone. These will look fantastic.

However, you can take the craters to a much higher level. You can mount the craters on MDF or Formica or other durable support. You can add rocks and gravel to the craters to make each one more unique and more detailed. And you can add 40k battlefield detritus (from your 40k bitz and the Bits Box) left over from what was destroyed in the crater and the fighting since then.

To cut the MDF, first place your craters on the MDF and outline the shape you want with a pen. Next, use a jigsaw at a 45 degree angle to cut out the shapes; the angle should slope out of the center. Glue the craters to the MDF with a glue gun or contact cement. Glue sand, gravel, and boulders (made of polystyrene) to each of them to make them more unique and detailed. Print and paint as described above for basic craters. You can finish painting the detritus of the battlefield as you would with thumbnails of your 40 thousand armies and sticking to the crater.

Your results will be an exclusive custom product for your terrain and 40k armies. It’s a very easy project, suitable for beginners, and should take less than four hours (less than two for a seasoned hobbyist).

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