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One of the tech words you will often come across when you sign up for your home broadband package or business package is IP address or Internet protocol address. When you get a broadband connection, you are typically offered an IP address so that other PCs on the global web network can connect and communicate with your PC (if you are a home user) or your web server (assuming you are hosting a website. in your web space).

Not technically speaking, the IP address is a unique number that is often assigned to your PC on a network. If you are connected to the internet, just check the internet options to go to the LAN settings. You will find the IP address of your PC. This address helps other PCs identify your PC, as well as helping your PC obtain information from other PCs that have similar unique numbers.

IP addresses are of two types: dynamic IP and static IP. What are their characteristics? Why do you get a free dynamic IP? Why does it cost you a bit to get a static IP? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type?

Remember, when your PC is not connected to the Internet, it can have any type of IP that your administrator gives you. Generally, in a LAN network, the IP address of the individual PC will be unique and that is the only one required in that network unless the PC is connected to the Internet.

Dynamic IP

Usually all ISPs offer dynamic IP for free and this IP will change every time you log into the internet. This means that your PC will be assigned different numeric codes at different times.

Advantages of dynamic IP

In a network managed by the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), the assignment of the IP address and the configuration of the network are done much faster.

All computers (clients) get IP address, DNS, gateway from DHCP server, automatically. This also makes adding new computers to the network much easier. Regardless of the size of the network, dynamic IP is quite useful as it is easy to assign, distribute, and manage.

In a large LAN, dynamic IP management helps you save time, as you do not need to configure hundreds of computers manually.

Dynamic IP also helps you log in as an anonymous user.

The main disadvantage of dynamic IP is that it is not suitable for web hosting. Then you would need a static IP. However, home users will not find it difficult to use this type of IP.

Static IP

Some broadband providers offer this option which has some clear advantages. This is a useful feature when considering web hosting, as the server often needs this type of IP address, as the DNS will be able to interpret domain names as IP addresses that never change on the network. Static IP is very useful for identifying a specific PC in a large PC network. Therefore, static IP is often used in a large infrastructure environment.

Advantages of static IP

Since the static IP never changes in the Internet environment, a specific PC can be accessed, controlled and maintained from anywhere.

For web hosting purposes, static IP is very ideal. If you are a business user and want to promote your business over the internet, opt for a business broadband package that can sometimes provide you with a free static IP address. Businesses can see better growth and stay in touch with their customers when they have their own websites. If you are looking for a cheaper option, look for an enterprise package that comes with free static IP and free web space.

Make sure you choose the right business broadband package after going through the extras provided by ISPs like free emails, free domain name, web space, etc.

Just think that you can create your own email addresses with your domain name. If your email accounts have a unique identity, make a big difference, and become an important part of better running your business, it is best to have your own email accounts with your own domain name. It will also help your business gain a foothold among your competitors.

If you are a gamer and you use a dedicated broadband connection for that purpose, take a static IP and find the difference. It would definitely help you to have a significant advantage over others. This is because FTP servers make data transfer much faster.

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