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What a bad marriage is basically a long-term relationship that makes one or both spouses unhappy! Unfortunately, there are many reasons why this happens to a couple in marriage and it is becoming a worldwide trend.

They say that marriage is for better or for worse, and to some extent that should be true to some extent. For example, if one of you is struggling with something personal, like the death of a loved one or a problem with certain people, and gets sick, he should be there to support you and the other.

However, the things that make a marriage bad that don’t fall into this category are things like adultery, violence, alcoholism, lying, and even jealousy.

Marriage is about being REAL! And to add up all the fact is when you ask”what is a bad marriage“It all comes down to something not being real with your partner.

An example of such a statement is:

Harry and Sally! They are married with three children, two of their own and one who is Harry’s stepson. They were actually a couple who dated a bit in high school and then went their separate ways, meeting again later in life.

At the beginning of their relationship, things were great as they reminisced about the old days, thought they were in love and thought it was safe to marry each other. They quickly had a couple of children together.

Harry had a great relationship with his stepson and really wanted to be a good father to him. However, as her own children grew older, Sally became jealous of Harry’s relationship with her child, and she began to drive them apart! Because, to this day, some strange and unknown reason! I think Sally was turning unreal.

As you can imagine, this began to put intense pressure on their marriage, and from there, many things began to go terribly wrong. Harry would try to talk to Sally, but she would always deny anything he tried to say.

The problem grew to the point where there would be two sets of house rules, one for the two biological children and one for the stepson, this was just as confusing for them as it was for Harry.

That story is a pretty common example of how easy a pretty terrible marriage can be. It’s very important to keep it real with your spouse and yourself…

A bad marriage is one that is jealous! When you are subjected to envious behavior, you can and do push anyone away from you. Or when one of the spouses thinks that he is better than the other and treats the other half with a negative sense of dominance and disrespect. All in all, if he has, or if you feel like your spouse has given up, then you are surely experiencing some form of a bad marriage…

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