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Having clearly seen that practicing homosexuality is a sin, I can now clearly see how SPIRITUAL HOMOSEXUALS, the bloody Roman Catholic whore and her Protestant prostitute daughters (Revelation 17: 5), prefer their man-made idolatrous and perverted doctrines to God’s Word and holy commandments (Mark 7: 7).

All who refuse to LEAVE BABYLON they are proud and stubborn and many will die in their sins, suffering the seven last plagues, as is fair (Revelation 18: 4-5).

Why are some in love with Roman wolves in sheep’s clothing, against whom both the Bible and history testify as whitewashed paganism, false Christianity? May we all learn to love the Lord God of the Bible, the King of all Creation, and learn to hate what He hates: the RCC ABOMINATION.

May we not resist this Light to return to traditional darkness (John 3: 19-21), or we will fall into the traps of the Pope when he bewitches the masses with his sorcery and fights against true Christians, again! (2 Thessalonians 2: 9-12). Don’t give in to a reprobate mind. Let christ renew your mind and wash it with the water of the Word that can cleanse you from all the filthy doctrines and pagan practices of the unholy ICR, so help us God (2 Cor. 6:17).

For life-saving information on how to identify the true Church of God today mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, revealed following the example of Jesus and the early Church with its biblical practices (1 John 2: 6), do not hesitate to consult The church that Jesus built And let the truth set you free

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