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Barbados is a wonderful and beautiful island. Although it is especially known for its fantastic beaches, its warm climate and its friendly and polite locals, it is also a very picturesque island. Since Barbados is so small, the island is only about 14 miles by 21 miles, giving you a great head start on exploring. Barbados is a very green and lush island, full of vegetation as well as sugarcane fields, and the island is made up of hills and valleys, as well as the low, calm and clear beaches of the Caribbean Sea and the steep cliffs and the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. .

There are many different ways to explore the island. One way could be to find a map and take your own transportation, be it a hire car, taxi or bus tours and visit the key areas of Barbados. Ideally renting a car for the day is a good way, you can explore at your own leisurely pace, stop where you want stop for as long as you like. Barbados is a pretty safe island to do this and you’ll see plenty of visitors buzzing around the shores or inland in their little rented mini-mokes. These are the cheapest cars to rent. Alternatively, there are many companies in Barbados that offer tours of the island and there are many different packages available. Here we explore some of these companies and the packages they offer and take a look at what you would be exploring. Of course, by going with a company, you’ll get a guided tour full of information about where you are and what you’re seeing, and you can go to some places you might not know about without the local information. Some of the Island Tour operators also see tours or excursions by sea and land. Some of the tours are full day and some are only half day and because the sun rises early and sets early, Barbadians or Bajans as they are also known start their days around 8am. .

Two of the most popular island tour operators are Island Safari and Adventureland 4×4. Both tour operators use specially adapted 4×4 vehicles to take you around the island, high up in the hills. These vehicles are specially adapted with padded roll bars and an open top but covered rear cabin that gives you a great view from your seat. All vehicles have seat belts and each tour is completed by the driver who becomes your expert guide. Depending on which tour you take, you’ll probably visit the North and East Coasts and stop at places like The Lion at Gun Hill Station, Basheba and/or Bath on the East Coast and Harry Smith Beach, giving you a great opportunity for everyone. your photography opportunities. Some tours include a hidden East Coast Bajan lunch and snacks. Many of these tours take you off the beaten track to places only a few visitors will experience. It will be necessary to walk a bit to see some of these unique virgin places.

Gun Hill Signal Station was built in 1818 and was part of a system of six signal stations that allowed messages to be transmitted via lanterns and flags across the island. This station is 704 feet above sea level and offers a magnificent 360 degree view of St George’s Parish with stunning views on a clear day to the east and west of the island. This signal station also has the well-known lion statue that was hand carved out of limestone rock by one of the soldiers who were stationed at the signal station when it was off duty. Bathsheba and Bath beaches are beautiful. Bathsheba is well known for its rugged rocks and offers the best waves to ride and makes for a surfer’s paradise. Bath Beach is a rustic retreat with calm waters and the shoreline is lined with colorfully painted cottages and is very picturesque. Harry Smith Beach is located on the southeast coast and consists of dramatic cliffs and crystal clear rock pools. At the top of the cliff are the remains of an old ruined house that would have been quite amazing in its day.

Island Safari tour operators have also arranged a special Rum Tour to take you around the popular little rum shops, more commonly known as bars, to experience the Barbadian culture of the famous Barbadian drink. Here you will still find the old tradition of playing dominoes in the open air. Of course, you must be 18 years or older to participate in this tour.

If you want to explore Barbados in great detail and learn about its history and culture, then taking part in one of these tours is a must and will give you an experience you won’t forget.

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