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Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, has revolutionized the way you can run your business. VoIP business phone service offers significant advantages over traditional phone service, as you get many more features at a much lower cost. What should you look for with the service you choose?

Cost effectiveness

One of the most important things you’ll notice with almost any business VoIP service you choose is that it will be much more cost effective for you than a traditional phone service. Because VoIP technology allows you to use Internet connectivity to access calls, you don’t pay the traditional long distance rates that you pay with regular analog landline service. Be careful though; When you’re looking for business VoIP phone service providers, there’s a lot of competition. You can use this to your advantage, as you can often get service at a lower cost through independent providers compared to your own ISP, for example.

Sound quality

Today’s business phone offers exceptional sound quality compared to its predecessors. In fact, because the sound is digitally processed, its quality is often better than that offered through traditional or analog landline services.


These services have much more flexibility compared to analog phone services. Although you will pay for an initial setup, it is very easy to grow your phone service as your business grows, without a lot of extra hassle. In addition, the user-friendly web interface will allow you to handle many of the changes and additions yourself, for ease of use.


Today’s VoIP business phone service options offer features that are either included in the base price or available at a very nominal additional cost; this can save you a lot of money compared to analog services. Some of these features include:

call forwarding

Call forwarding is one of the most important service options you can have. Because you may need to be flexible in that you may need to be “away from home” while doing business, it may be important to you that you are not simply tethered to a phone line, as is the case with traditional setups. Call forwarding allows you to forward your calls to any phone at any time, including your cell phone. That way, when someone calls the office, you can simply answer from your cell phone, even if you’re not “in the office.”

ยท Voicemail

It is important for you to be able to receive your messages when you need them; With business phone services, you can access voicemail and you can also add voicemail for more users when needed.

Filter or block calls

These business phone services allow you to screen or block calls when you need to. This can be especially important if you use an 800 number for your business. Because you pay for each call you receive, you want to know that each call is from a customer or prospect who needs your help. Being able to screen or block calls as needed means you’re not wasting unnecessary time and/or money on telemarketers or other unwanted calls.

Internet fax capability

One of the most convenient business VoIP phone service options is Internet faxing, especially if you receive a lot of faxes. This can be a cost-effective option for having a dedicated fax line.

As a small business owner, the usefulness of this type of phone service is obvious. Staying on top of your business is essential to your success.

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