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Don’t waste your hard-earned money on a counterfeit designer handbag or purse! That hefty investment you make of $ 200 to $ 800 in a fake designer handbag or purse can end up worthless. If you’re buying a new bag, invest in something of value, not cheap knockoffs. ALWAYS insist on a money back guarantee.

Why the heck would anyone want to buy a poor quality or fake designer bag? I can’t understand spending good money buying a fake designer handbag. It doesn’t even start to make sense to me, even if the bag looks real. When you know it’s not authentic, why bother?

Above all, keep in mind that buying a counterfeit item is illegal, period.

Counterfeit designer merchandise has a subculture of its own. I’m not sure if people enjoy the fact that they are getting something close to the real thing at a lower cost, or if they just don’t understand the quality, durability, and value of authentic designer handbags in the first place.

Now I find humor in it, but before the internet, the process of buying counterfeit bags seemed mysterious and intriguing. He felt like he was privileged to know how to buy these rare products. Before the Internet, the only way to locate a fake purse was through word of mouth. Counterfeit bag wholesalers still sell by appointment only. There are signs throughout the store to remind you of “ALL SALES FINAL.”

It involved a kind of swashbuckling approach when walking into wholesale stores, asking to speak to the manager, and introducing yourself as a friend of a friend. All submissions were made through word of mouth referrals. There is no advertising at all. Unlike online shopping where everyone boldly claims that their products are authentic.

The counterfeit shopping experience is intriguing. You can almost feel the illicit connection made with the bag underground. All you want is a brand new bag, a designer copycat, something that looks real without the high price tag. The irony of all this is the reality of the experience. They are NOT cheap.

You actually pay a lot of money for garbage. Maybe leather is good and maybe not. How would you know Have you seen anything real to compare? If you did, you certainly wouldn’t be investing in a fake after handling the real one! Solid metal hardware, sumptuous leather, and finely crafted details trump plastic and vinyl accessories, poorly stitched linings, and cheaply pasted fake logos on counterfeit designer handbags and purses.

We know that the best designer bags and leather goods are made in Italy and France. No need to put names here, we all know the best sellers. Counterfeits can be made in Italy or France, and may not. You never know. Most of the people you are dealing with are pushing you to make big profits on something of little value and definitely no real value.

The evolution of designer bags has left its mark all over the world. Every woman with a sense of fashion wants to carry a new, attractive and high-end designer bag, and the price is not cheap. On average, the retail boutique price for a new designer handbag starts at around $ 1000. It’s a steep price to pay to feel good on the go. I know some women who carry bags that cost more than their cars! The Hermes bag collection of some of my clients adds up to more than the initial cost of my first home!

The internet has opened a flood gate of e-commerce sites for handbags. There are more than enough websites selling wallets these days. And the best stores sell authentic designer goods, not fakes. The difficulty arises in trying to determine the real from the false and to make the distinction clear.

Here are some tips for identifying a website that sells counterfeit designer handbags and purses:

  1. A new store comes online just in time for Christmas shopping.
  2. Contact information for the new website is missing or obscure.
  3. The registration information for the new website ( is “private”.
  4. You cannot locate the owners.
  5. The same style or design of a bag is available in many colors.
  6. The website sells only three or four designer brands.
  7. The bags look like items you have seen on many other websites,
  8. The prices are too good to be true, less than half of the retailers.
  9. There are page after page of similar articles.
  10. There is a page for authentic looking bags, but the rest of the website contains the same bag in all colors under the sun!

I have seen websites come and go in the last ten years online. First, the sites selling counterfeits offered Gucci, Fendi, and Prada. Then there were the ones that strictly sold Louis Vuitton and Chanel. The Hermes Birkin and Kelly bag is still prolific in the world of counterfeiting, but they are not as commonly seen online as the other designers.

The most frequently counterfeited bags today are: BALENCIAGA, TODS, CELINE and CHLOE. In addition, the favorites of yesteryear are still more fashionable than ever in the counterfeit market: GUCCI, LOUIS VUITTON, HERMES, FENDI and PRADA. Recently I even saw fake LAMBERTSON TRUEX smooth calfskin bags.

With all the options available, how can you tell if you are buying a genuine product? Well, you don’t really know unless you really know the product well. I am a wallet expert, but sometimes I have also been misled. Most of the time, I know what I’m doing and I buy the right thing.

Three rules I use to shop for bags online:

  1. Ask before you buy.
  2. Talk to the site owner ONLY!
  3. Get a full money-back guarantee for authenticity.

I asked a wholesaler if their bags were guaranteed to be authentic, and they said, “Yes, they are guaranteed to be 100% Made in Italy.” Another wholesaler told me: “Our bags are of the best quality.” Yes, but are they authentic designer products? I also heard: “The man who made this bag worked for Design House for over 20 years. Of course, it’s authentic!” Wrong. If you don’t get a direct response, please transfer the purchase.

Please don’t blindly believe everything you see and especially not what they tell you. I arranged a meeting with a wholesaler at a well-known annual conference. The bags I pre-ordered were authentic items, but when the order came in, they obviously weren’t exactly like the styles shown in the pre-order sale. Be careful. Buy from a website or seller that has been online for a long time. Over the last ten years selling online, I can honestly say that the best lessons I learned were from customers doing their homework. Talk to people, share your ideas, and please … let’s put an end to online counterfeits!

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