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Michael’s album “Thriller” has become the best-selling music of all time with 110 million albums sold worldwide. He has received the American Music Award for Artist of the Century, has had 13 Grammy Awards and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. He has sold 750 million records to date with 13 number 1 hits and through his trove of previously unreleased material, over the years, he will most likely cross into the billion-seller category. Michael is without a doubt the most popular global icon of all time, as well as the most profitable artist to date, with more earnings and popularity to come from his unreleased material. His imprint in the entertainment industry will leave a mark on popular culture and his brand of music for decades to come.

Always having the latest high-tech effects in his videos and music, Michael now with this great interactive video brings you the chance to bring it home to the world no matter where you live with his unbeatable art and family-friendly entertainment from high technology. . He will now have the opportunity to experience his innovative dance moves and his award-winning music in an exciting and fun way by becoming a part of his video moves and vocal skills. Michael has always had unforgettable performances, now with this excellent music and dance video you can be a part of it and experience that drive and feel the beat like never before.

By keeping his music and dance moves alive, new generations of fans will have the chance to appreciate who he was and what he stood for for decades to come. This video game is just a natural extension of what the King of Pop would be doing today to take his art to even greater levels for his fans and generations to come. Experience the best of Michael with this new age game that the whole family can enjoy and is something you would be proud of.

This video game is expected to bring together all the fans and friends of Michael Jackson to celebrate his energetic dance moves and vocals that only the King of Pop could pull off.

The video game will be available for the holidays of 2010 for Project Natal for the Xbox 360 game and entertainment systems from Microsoft, the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system, the Nintendo Wii system and Nintendo DS, the PlayStation 3 Move system which will have free support for PS Move. Capture yourself as the King of Pop in this extraordinary package of dance and song in the moment that will last for years.

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