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Breeding ferrets because they are cute is not reason enough for anyone to start doing it. It is nothing like the breeding of cats and dogs. You may be a responsible owner, but that doesn’t mean that raising them is for you. This is not for the weak, though. Give this job to the true experts (and not the self-proclaimed).

# 1 Know the reasons why you want to breed ferrets. If your reason is to have your own set of ferrets, then you’d better buy ferrets from pet stores, certified breeders, or shelters. Shelters have abandoned ferrets that need a new home or owners to care for them. It would be better to rescue homeless ferrets rather than adding more homeless ferrets just because you couldn’t keep up with the needs of having ferrets.

# 2 Ferrets sell for between $ 50 and $ 400 each, but when you consider the costs and setup required to breed ferrets, you might be in doubt. Consider expenses for medical care, lodging, and veterinary costs. Unless you are doing this as a big business, ferret farming is not going to make you profit.

# 3 The courtship and mating processes of ferrets are unconventional. Countertops don’t believe in romance during this time. They smell awful and their attitude can be intolerable even to their own mothers. The actual mating process can be quite cruel! A countertop scrapes the jill’s neck and drags her around the cage, mounts her multiple times, causing the jill to scream in pain. So if you are not prepared to witness such “violence”, leave this to the experts.

# 4 If the pregnancy has been successful, expect large litters. Having 10-11 kits is common. They may require a larger space. This can lead to overcrowding if the breeder cannot provide the necessary space. Don’t forget to protect them from extreme weather conditions and provide adequate ventilation because the kits can become very smelly.

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