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In case you haven’t noticed, the real estate investing market has changed. In recent years, we have seen an incredible opportunity for investors to access an almost endless supply of cheap, easy-to-qualify money. That has changed recently.

With a record number of banks and lenders feeling the pinch of a spike in foreclosures, one of the first things to change is money for real estate investments.

Still a lot of investors are trying to find money to buy some of the amazing deals that are now available in this market and my mentor clients and people who use our Deals Analyzed website ask me how to find deals on how to find money to use on their investments.

Well here are some tips.

First, there may still be loan programs for you that allow you to get loans. What you need is a great (not just a good) resource for someone who can lend in YOUR local market. Who usually has these types of contacts? A great investor-friendly, local real estate agent or broker often has the lender’s contacts who know how to get investor loans.

If you inquire about a deal on Offers Analyzed, we put you in touch with the best real estate agent or broker we know for investors in the area of ​​the property. They almost always have great resources for investors to obtain loans that are not disclosed to the general public. So, I would try there first.

Next, if you can’t get funding through those channels, there are other creative techniques you can still use.

For example, when markets change from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market, buyers are in the driver’s seat and can apply for concessions such as owner financing for a down payment.

Another often overlooked investment method is partnering with someone who can get loans. There are many people who have great income, credit, and desires, but just don’t have the knowledge or time to start investing. Advertise to find these people and partner with them to close deals with a combination of their resources and theirs to make it a true win-win deal.

In times like these, there are many ways to succeed as a real estate investor, but sometimes it takes a little creative thinking and a departure from traditional methods.

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