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There is no other envied skin than that of babies. Baby’s skin is soft, smooth and flawless. As they age, their skin changes. Due to cuts, wounds and scratches that are acquired during the game and perhaps due to an accident they develop scars. As parents, you only want the best skin for your children. And as much as possible, you want to get rid of the scars and get your baby’s skin back. The question arises whether glycolic acid lotion can be used in children.

Glycolic acid is the gentlest hydroxyacetic acid (AHA) that exfoliates the skin. It is a common connotation that exfoliating will lighten the skin and eventually cause the disappearance of scars and blemishes. If you undergo a peel regularly depending on your skin condition, this will be true. Exfoliation removes the top layer of skin and reveals a new one.

Parents normally apply lotion to their children. However, there are different types of lotions. There are moisturizing lotions to keep your children’s skin soft and smooth; And there are preventative lotions like those that protect them from mosquito bites.

All specially formulated lotions for children are intended to cover their sensitive skin. Although you can use children’s lotion on your own skin, there is a question whether you can use your own lotion for your children. Remember that your skin, no matter how sensitive you are, is different from theirs. You have to remember that their skin is still developing and is quite weak compared to yours. If you want to know what to use on a child’s skin, it is best to contact a doctor.

Although everyone needs to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, don’t forget that children exfoliate naturally. Only as you age does your body’s natural exfoliation process begin to slow down until you need chemical intervention to get the job done. Chemical peels are a big no-no for kids. The best thing to do is to prevent further damage to your child’s skin and wait for the right time to exfoliate.

The concept of applying glycolic acid lotion to your child may change when they have a skin problem. This does not mean that you can apply glycolic lotion when your child has skin problems. Only dermatologists can identify whether glycolic acid should be applied to your child’s skin.

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