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It is common knowledge that both men and women test each other. This is a natural thing as everyone wants to know if the other really loves them or not! There are many reasons why men test their women. If you are anxious to know if your man is testing you, then he looks for these signs.

He will test your faithfulness

The most important criterion for a man is the fidelity and loyalty of his woman. He will test you to see if you are faithful or not. He could do this in a variety of ways, like pretending he’s going out of town on business and showing up unexpectedly, keeping a close eye on you while you’re on a date to see if you’re flirting with other men, etc.

He will test if you are the jealous type.

When a woman is a little jealous, it proves that she loves her man and that she doesn’t want any other woman near him. This can be flattering to the guy. But most men abhor women who are overly possessive and jealous to the point that she suspects their every move. He might test you to see how jealous you are by giving another woman her attention even though she doesn’t give a damn.

He will watch your reactions.

If you’re the kind of person who raves, rants, and throws tantrums every time you get home a little late, then you’ll know right away that you’re not marriage material. He will test your ability to remain calm and mature. How you behave in a situation like this will tell her a lot about you, so be careful!

He’ll want to see if you’re too controlling!

Men want their freedom to go out with their friends from time to time. He understands that you might not be too happy if he wants to hang out at a strip bar, but if you try to keep him away from his fishing etc, he might think you’re too controlling and wants to stay away from you.

Is it him or his money?

Most rich men love to test their women. They are afraid that it is their wealth and not them that keeps her enthralled! They could put it to the test by telling them a story about how they are not as rich as they used to be because of some bad investments etc. and see how the news is taken.

He would like to test your loyalty.

If a man is looking for a life partner, he will want to test and see if she wants to remain committed to him and to the relationship. He needs to know that she will always be by her side through thick and thin. To do this, she will create a situation in which she will have to demonstrate her loyalty and love for him.

Will she be a good mother?

Don’t be surprised if he forces you to babysit his nephews for an hour! It could just be a test to see if you have the patience, love, and understanding that a mother would have! This is a test he will put you through to see if you have good material for marriage.

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