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What is so important about giving women faster orgasms? Well, speaking from personal experience, a quick first orgasm usually results in multiple orgasms during sex. Trust me, women NEVER just want an orgasm during sex. It is not enough to satisfy even the sexual appetite of a shy woman. So if you want to learn how to make women orgasm faster, read on!

1. Play the games

Many men seem to take pride in not playing the “meaningless little games” that we women enjoy. This INCLUDES flirting and playful teasing. But let me tell you something right now: WE ENJOY when a man can play with us. This really makes us very hot!

Increasing sexual tension plays a huge role in faster orgasms. Women need to feel emotionally invested in a man in order to have a satisfying sexual experience. Teasing and flirting is a great way to fine-tune our emotions and get us in the mood for more aggressive sex.

In my personal experience, the more ‘active’ I have been in bed, the faster the orgasms have come.

2. Proper foreplay

It seems that ALL men hate foreplay these days! You all just want to start with sex! Well, if you want to give us faster orgasms and a better overall experience, we need some proper foreplay.

In other words, don’t be afraid to give us oral sex. This is the best way to get us on the fast track to orgasms. In fact, some women would rather have their first orgasm during oral sex.

3. Last longer

Okay, this is not about quick orgasms. But it has to do with giving us MULTIPLE orgasms. Remember, every woman is different. Some will need more times than others to reach that second and third climax.

So make sure you have strong sexual stamina to last long enough to get her there!

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