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The author of “Hunting Hitler”, Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, received his doctorate in political science from Harvard University. He currently has a contract with World Net Daily as a staff writer and works as an investigative reporter. He has written the New York Times bestsellers “Unfit for Command,” “The Obama Nation,” and “The Great Oil Conspiracy.”

The truth is

In 2009, astonishing evidence emerged from three American professors who had access to Hitler’s alleged remains and shocked the world with scientific DNA evidence that the skull and bones that Russia claimed were from Adolf were actually the skull of a woman from forty years. This reinforced Joseph Stalin’s belief that Hitler did in fact escape after the war, a claim that he maintained until the end of his life. The truth is that no one saw Eva Braun and Hitler die in the bunker; no photographs were taken to document that fact; the fact is, bodies were never found in the bunker; there is no physical evidence linking them to the scene.

Hitler escaped

Corsi and his researchers maintain the possibility of Hitler escaping from Nazi Germany at the end of the war and even Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Allied commander, said he thought Hitler was still alive. FBI and CIA records kept in the National Archives maintain that the United States government took seriously the reports that Hitler and Eva Braun escaped to Argentina in a Nazi submarine. Even the trial judge at the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals said he believed: “No one is sure that Adolph Hitler is dead.”

The fourth reich

Corsi collects a large amount of evidence, in addition to a meticulous investigation and evidence that points to Hitler’s escape to Argentina even to the exact landing place on the beach. The question remains: Did Hitler escape to plot revenge and the rise of the Fourth Reich? There was a large German community in Argentina that supported Adolph; in fact, they worshiped him as a cult hero. Could it be that after he lived his life there they had access to his DNA knowing that at some point in the future there might be technology to clone him back to life?


In this intriguing look at the history of the Nazi party, its divine leader, and Hitler’s escape, we learn the thinking of criminal minds, the propaganda of truth, the robbery that prepared their escape, and how the Nazis got help here in America. . to finance his monster killing machine. These traitors exist in our political system to this day plotting the overthrow of our republic. Corsi just turn the light on these roaches and you can watch them run for cover. I give it five stars out of five even though it is a short read, no words are wasted.

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