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HTML5 games have made playing quite easy. Thanks to the HTML5 developers for producing these games that do not require any plugin or download on our devices. Most of the portals are adding new ones to their portal. If you are in a game portal business, you need to update it soon with html5 or else your competitors will get ahead of you. Don’t lose business!

HTML5 game companies

There are many companies specialized in this new technology. They have a good variety of games for all age groups. If you want a game to be developed, reach out to those developers who have successfully completed at least a dozen projects. They should have a good portfolio of games. You must choose the game that suits you best. You will receive support for the game after purchase. Make sure the game developer is using the latest technologies, such as construct 2, to develop 2D games.

HTML5 licenses

When you develop the game, you get the exclusive rights to the game so you can sell it as well. You can also opt for non-exclusive rights to the game without the put option. You can find developers specialized in 2d gaming technologies. If you plan to charge the user, opt for an extended license. If you just want to earn income from ads, you can go for regular and profitable HTML5 game licenses. You can also take advantage of the game’s build services for Android or iOS. The USP of a good game developer is: they build the games based on customer input and constantly engage with the customer during the course of game development.

Game redesign

If you want a game with a particular look and feel, you can too. So you can have graphics, sounds, texts and other features according to your taste while the original codes will be intact. You will not have to wait long to perform the skin change, it will be done in 3 to 5 days.

Build 2 engine

This technology is in a growth stage. Web browsers have already been redesigned to make HTML5 games easier. This technology has built-in javaScript engines and frameworks like Construct 2. These frameworks allow developers to create wonderful games in a short period of time. The framework technologies fully utilize the enhancements in the browser. HTML5 are browser based. Construct 2 is a behavior-based logic system for developing and editing HTML5. Construct 2 contains the event sheets that are like the source files present in programming languages. Construct 2 can export to most browsers and online gaming platforms such as Facebook, the Amazon app store, etc.


It can be compatible with almost all platforms. Unlike Flash, they do not require a plugin. These can be implemented on all platforms without problems. HTML5 is catching the frenzy as users can play it in the browser without any download.

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