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My search for an effective weight loss program began four months ago. I read review after review of various weight loss programs and none of them really satisfied me.

Eventually, a friend of mine told me about Jillian Michaels’ new show called Body Revolution. After reading a ton of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution reviews, I realized this might be the right program for me.

So I decided to try this program. It seemed like a lot of people who used this system got great results, and besides, the host of the show is obviously a famous personal trainer.

What follows is my detailed review of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. I’ll discuss how it works (structure, diet plan, etc), outline some pros and cons, and rate how successful it has been for me overall. At the end of my review, you should have good ideas about whether this system is right for you.

What is Body Revolution?

Body Revolution is basically a complete three month weight loss program. It includes a 78-page diet guide, 15 exercise DVDs, and (if purchased online) bonuses like resistance bands and Jillian’s club membership.

Like other popular programs like P90X, the program is divided into three phases. Each phase will challenge you in a different way so your results don’t plateau throughout the program.

Also an integral part of the program is the nutrition guide. It gives you strict guidance on what to eat and how many calories to consume per day. It also has a series of recipes, so you can eat delicious meals according to the schedule.

So on paper the program sounds great, but how well did it work for me?

My Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review: Did It Work For Me?

My first week on the show was really tough! I hadn’t engaged in serious physical activity since college, so embarking on something this strenuous certainly required some adjustments. However, I did like how Jillian outlined each move with clarity and ease, and she kept the workout fun and entertaining.

Although it was hard work keeping up with Body Revolution, it was nice to have a trainer like Jillian by my side.

Every day you cycle to a different part of your body. On the first day, you do an intense “in front of the body” workout. On the last day of the week you do a full body workout, which exploits almost every muscle in your body.

But just as you begin to master the movements after a month or so, the program changes and you move on to the second phase. Although this change may be uncomfortable for some, it actually ensures that your results don’t stagnate. Consequently, the workouts in phase two are different from those in phase one.

Sticking to the diet was the next biggest challenge. The diet guide describes how many calories you should eat per day. And while you don’t need to keep track of every calorie, you do need to keep up with the servings outlined in the dietary guide.

Since it’s a weight loss program, you’ll need to eat in a calorie deficit. This means that you will feel a little hungrier than usual. However, the recipes for some of the meals are so packed with nutrients that feeling hungry won’t be much of an issue once you get used to the program.

My results from Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

I managed to stick with the program for a full three months. I only missed a handful of workouts and I (almost) followed the nutrition guide perfectly. By the time I finished, I had lost about 20 pounds and looked in great shape. I still have work to do (maybe another three months of the program?), but so far I’m delighted with my results.

Program Weaknesses

Although I found the program to be very successful in helping me lose weight, it didn’t help build or tone muscle like I thought it would. This is in a bit of a contrast to their marketing campaigns, suggesting that it will help you tone your muscles and make you look ripped.

From my experience, this is not the case. If you’re looking to build muscle, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Is this program right for you?

In the end, I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to lose weight fast. It goes into both nutrition and and the fitness aspects of weight loss, making it a very comprehensive program. If you follow the program to the letter, you will begin to see very promising results.

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