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It’s spring in Brisbane, which means fireworks, festivals, fashion, parties, and fun! Accessorize your sunny spring outfits with the latest makeup trends. Happy and fun makeup and fashion are back! Below are some of the hottest makeup trends for the spring 2011 season. Tip: don’t try all of these styles at once! Remember that the golden rule of makeup emphasizes the eyes or lips, not both at the same time or I could end up looking over (images of me in my school formal come to mind – Fear !!) Subtle explosions of colors look amazing – plan your look first and then have fun with it !!

Fuchsia cheeks – Fuchsia and bright pinks will make you shine this spring! The Napoleon disc in fuchsia is ideal for a fresh, blush look. It had very strong pigment, so only use a very small amount on your brush. To apply, start at the edge of the nose and gradually increase the color from the apples of the cheeks to the cheekbones. Add a sandy beige glitter powder to highlight the upper part of the cheekbones. Fuchsia cheeks look pretty and fresh during the day. Add some light foundation, concealer, mascara, and lip balm to finish your look. Try Maybelline’s new Baby Lips Repairing Lip Balm in a tinted shade. I bought this from the grocery store for under $ 5.00 (bargain!) And it’s a fantastic way to remove fine lines and discoloration.

Smoky eyes with a pastel touch – Create eyes that burn with slight flashes of bright colors. It seems that smoky eye makeup will never lose its popularity even in the spring season. It’s no wonder why – it’s a sexy, glamorous, and versatile look, especially for the evening. To brighten smoky eyes for spring, I like to add a pastel glitter over the top of the foundation, a darker color like pastel pink, purple, or blue. Mix the same glitter under the eye. Also, add a white glow to the inner corner of the eye to illuminate. Add mascara, liner, and individual false lashes to finish the eyes. Keep lips natural by wearing a lightly tinted beige / pink lipstick or gloss. A tinted shade of lip balm will work for this look too.

Colored eyeliners – Bring new life to your makeup with electric colored eyeliner that makes your eyes pop! It is important to enhance your natural eyes with the right colored eyeliner. I suggest bright purple eyeliner for brown eyes, taupe and dark green for green eyes, and electric blue for blue eyes. Choose a matching eyeshadow for the outer edge of the eye to soften and give it a monochromatic effect. A flawless face is best suited to this look, so wear a good quality foundation (my favorite is Napoleon) and a neutral lip.

Glossy Lips– Coral colors are the tonality of the season. Bold, glossy lips are all the rage right now and are one of the easiest ways to update the look in the current season. Miranda Kerr wore this sexy look at David Jones’ Spring / Summer 2011 launch. Try juicy orange lips or relax with softer peach / coral tones. Try matte or juicy red lips and caramel pink (Think a bowl of fresh fruit punch, yum!) These colors make a serious statement and will turn heads. Try pastel pink lip colors (cupcake frosting and Nicki Minaj come to mind). I recommend using a color that encompasses your facial features and skin tone in order to feel confident. When creating a bold lip look, I like to keep the rest of the makeup quite natural creating a flawless look with foundation. Emphasize lashes with a black mascara. Keep the rest of the eyes natural too – a bright white powder to brighten the eye and then put a color in the crease of the eyelid to give the eye definition. Also, keep eyeliner to a minimum – I recommend using a Sephora product in ‘Noir Black on the top lid only. I love using this liquid liner as it has a super thin brush that makes it easy to create a thin, even line.

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