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One of the readers of my previous article commented, “While I don’t know everything, I do know what I know.” Despite my admission that paralegals don’t know everything about the law, there are circumstances in which do know everything.

Paralegals are the retailers of the legal profession. We make a lawyer’s vision of your solution to a client’s problem come true. Finished.

Many attorneys only understand their part in the process, for example, providing legal advice to the client, representing the client in court, and writing documentation to better represent the client, etc. however, they do not always understand the details of the process, such as the proper format / dissemination of the documentation, what documentation would be most efficient to meet the customer’s needs, and so on.

On the other side of this equation is the client’s misunderstanding of the role of a paralegal in their case. Clients often only see us as obstacles by questioning us, our knowledge and our methods; sometimes they will even openly argue with us. We take into consideration that you are passionate about your case and want it done the way you want it to; however, what you can see as a simple straight line from A to B actually requires detours through A (1), A (2), A (3), etc.

You have entrusted the attorney you hired to represent you to the best of their ability. The attorney has entrusted the paralegals they hired to help them achieve their end goals. Paralegals are constantly honing their skills to cut through red tape, and while individual methods may vary from office to office, we all know what we’re doing … at least most of the time.

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