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Defend and defend what you believe is to play well. That is the paradox of the PLAY NICE system on which I base my training and conflict resolution. We need to be assertive to balance our needs with the needs of others, and we don’t have to harm or hurt people, places, or things by doing so.

With the recent global protests over #BlackLivesMatter, we see hundreds of thousands of people stand up and talk about the change they want. It is amazing to see the passion and action that people are taking around the world to create change for unity and radiate racism.

You must be the change you want to see in the world.It is one of the most famous quotes from Mahatma Gandhi.

Imagine that you witness your son hitting your brother and, to correct his behavior, you punish him by hitting him while saying the words “we don’t hit.” That is not a peaceful approach and it sets a bad example. I am guilty of making this mistake. There was a day when I hit my son and I have never forgotten how much I learned about myself in that moment. I was also beaten as a child, once or twice (well, maybe three) when my parents were correcting my behavior. When I was prompted to correct my son’s behavior some thirty years later, I reverted to the old programming and slapped one child for hitting the other child. If he had used Mahatma Gandhi’s approach, he would have done something more peaceful to correct the situation. This was a very important lesson for me as a parent, and it applies to the conflict in the workplace and the current protest conflict that we are observing.

Peaceful protests can be very effective because they can cure everyone.

Mother Teresa said: If you organize a rally against the war, I will not attend, but if you do a rally for peace, invite me.

The law of attraction says that what we think, we produce; we attract a coincidence with what we are feeling. The challenge is that when we use peace to seek peace, it is less exciting and does not draw attention from the ‘bad news’ pipeline, yet it is healed from within and does not use any ‘enemies’ and therefore there is no enemy to blame, hate or conquer. Curing the victims (ourselves) versus condemning the villains (our enemies) can dissolve a conflict that people have been seeking to resolve for a long time.

I stand up and speak for peace, and I would like to invite people to consider being the change they would like to see, doing what they would like others to do, and acting as they would like others to do. Act. Resolution is a work in progress, peace could be the longest path to a mutual destiny, and by making the effort we will evolve from the previous programming and learn that we can create a better game in whatever sandbox we are defending. speak peacefully and productively toward a better solution for everyone involved.

It’s hard to see the conflict and feel like you can’t do anything, but Mahatma Gandhi also said “If you want to change the world, start with yourself.

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