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In recent years there have been many celebrities who make of girls kissing girls in a very public way and they have surprised millions of people around the world. First, there was the open-mouthed kiss from Britney-Madonna, and then underage Miley Cyrus kissing no less than three different women on different occasions during performances and recently, there was the Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson fiasco intertwining the lips in the MTV movie. awards, with Johansson’s husband watching from the wings. To think that Ms. Bullock said that she was a great friend to the couple is amazing.

“Since when did kissing girls become a cool thing to make out at parties and bars?” exclaimed a headline. The irrepressible Tyra Banks even coined a new term for the whole thing, she’s called these girls “Barsexuals,” and knowing how Ms Tyra works, she actually devoted an entire segment of her show to talking about all the outrageously hilarious PDAs. . It didn’t help that Katy Perry’s song “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It” topped the charts for seven consecutive weeks and even though the video didn’t show girls kissing girls, the lyrics definitely opened the floodgates of self-expression. for many girls and women alike.

The initial reaction that people have when they see this is to think that everything is funny, and then the dust settles and everyone screams to the skies about how disgusted they felt, or how sinful the whole world has become, some even they called. immoral acts committed in the name of entertainment. The fact is that girls have been kissing girls for a long time and it is only now that people are beginning to hear, see and read about the social taboo.

Fact 1: women kiss girls all the time: women kiss their daughters and the daughter kisses her mothers, yes on the lips!

Fact 2: We have to face the cold and hard facts that a gay community exists and it is time to finally embrace them. They kiss all the time and have been doing it for hundreds of years.

Fact 3: Love them or hate them, women will keep kissing, regardless of the opinions of others. Period.

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