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These are the top 20 famous brides, according to our editors. (character name – actress – episode)

1. Melissa – Kathleen McClellan – From “The Apology” where she is always naked

2. Cider – Teri Hatcher – From “The Implant” where she is accused of having fake breasts

3. Meryl – Courtney Cox – From “The Wife”, where she gets free dry cleaning

4. Linette – Amanda Peet – From “George’s Summer” where it becomes a two-man job

5. Patty – Lori Loughlin – From “The Serenity Now” where she thought Jerry couldn’t show emotion

6. Elaine – Julia Louis Dreyfus – From “El Mango” to save friendship

7. Nicki – Danette Tays – From “The Calzone” where she gets what she wants

8. Marlene – Tracy Kolis – From “The Ex-Girlfriend” where she doesn’t think her stand-up act is fun

9. Donna – Gretchen German – From “The Phone Message” where she liked the Dockers commercial

10. Naomi – Jessica Lundy – From “The Bubble Boy” where her laugh sounded like Elmer Fudd

11. Sandra – Lisa Malkiewicz – From “The Cheever Letters” where Jerry talked too “dirty” to her

12. Tia – Jennifer Campbell – From “The Pilot (Part 2)”, where she surprised Jerry by biting his nose

13. Dolores – Susan Walters – From “The Junior Mint” where Jerry couldn’t remember her name

14. Julie – Marita Gerahty – From “The Big Salad” where Newman had left her before

15. Ellen – Christine Taylor – From “The Van Buren Boys” where she was a loser

16. Jenna – Kristin Davis – From “The Pothole” where Jerry wouldn’t use his toothbrush

17. Beth – Debra Messing – From “The Yada Yada” where she was a Nazi

18. Claire – Sara Rose Peterson – From “The Voice” where her belly button spoke

19. Isabel – Tawney Katean – From “The Nose Job” where sex is great

20. Abby – AJ Langer – From “The Fatigues” where her mentor is dating Bania

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