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Quad biking in Africa is mainly done at Bujagali Falls near Jinja in East Africa, Uganda where there is also white water rafting on the Nile River and bungee jumping. A quad is a motorcycle with four wheels. It’s a rough and tough off-road 4×4 bike that can be ridden by anyone who knows the difference between a throttle and a brake, pretty important skills actually.

For all visitors involved in Quad Biking, you’ll need protective gear (helmets, gloves, and a very attractive bright orange jumpsuit), as will refreshments along the way. For the more experienced, there are half-day, full-day and overnight ATV safaris, for which a tent, lanterns, food and drink are strapped to the front of the bike. It is the best way to get into the heart of rural Uganda.

There is no need for experience; most of our customers have never driven an ATV. Free training session before each safari starts, it is advisable to have a guide during your quad safari, who will guide you along existing paths and used tracks to minimize environmental effects. * Snacks are provided during and after each trip. Come with a camera; you’ll get plenty of ‘photo moments’ along the way.

Nile Quad Safari, Tourist Spend a couple of hours exploring the countryside on trails that lead to a high vantage point. At this point, you can see the rafts bouncing on the river below. Park in a town for a chat or pick up a soda at a local store. After the ride, there’s time for a free-for-all on a specially designed course where you can practice your jumping skills on a bike or 4×4 or get some class on the art of motorcycle yen.

The practice circuit also offers a place for ‘KIDS QUADS’. These smaller, fully automatic machines are very easy to operate and full of fun. The circuit provides a safe and supervised place for individuals and groups (eg birthdays, school groups, a special gift…). If the kids are too young to ride alone, they can ride with mom, dad or our guides on one of our family rides.

Supervised circuits or short safaris. From approximately 7 years old (depends on the child’s ability to control our fully automatic mini ATV’s). We will teach them to drive and we will adapt the trip to the abilities of each one. With our carefully designed learning circuits and ever-present guidance, we provide a safe environment for children to learn to control a motor vehicle without doing it the “hard way.” Then, once they’ve gained some degree of control, we give them the challenges they need to further develop their skills, have fun, and achieve a sense of accomplishment.

KIDS QUADS: Supervised circuits or short safaris. Minimum age around 7 years Safe, fun and educational.

So, as the catchphrase of the ATV activity is WILD or SOFT, it’s up to you and remember: THE WETTER, THE BETTER, mud is so much fun and we clean it up afterwards!

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