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It’s me, again. Some of you hate seeing my articles, for obvious reasons. But some are happy. Those of you who are bad cops or relatives of bad cops hate my guts. Those of you who are simple citizens or maybe the family of good and honorable policemen have no problem with me.

In case you don’t know me, or if this is your first time reading my articles, I am the revealer of rogue cops. I have dedicated my life to this cause.

Earlier tonight, I was talking to author Steve Peach (Good, Bad, and Corrupt Officers), another revealer of rogue cops in California, a former swat officer (glad I’m not alone). We were discussing why we have taken on this dangerous mission, as well as about rogue policemen and their superiors. The answer is quite simple: a strong sense of duty to correct what is simply wrong. Steve wasn’t a rogue, I was, but the end results are the same. I hated the rogue cops and I hated myself.

What makes a police officer violate his oath? Violate common decency? Travel the same road as a common criminal? Rape, kill, date, or rape others?

Surely you will say power or some other related problem, but the main reason might surprise you: low self-esteem and value! That’s why he mainly joined the force (yes, me too). Most of these officers did not have strong family structure or values. In many cases there are no parents, a loving parent or parents are missing. They were also not held accountable for their actions and, in some cases, were verbally or silently praised when they did something wrong.

And then comes the problem when they reached the age to become officers. They looked for a vocation or a job that would allow them to compensate. They conform to a mode of respectability and honor, which is why some chose to become police officers or join any law enforcement agency (yes, the FBI, sheriffs, state troopers, or even some security guards are dishonest).

I know I am talking about a deep topic, but believe me, if you or your children meet these people, your life will never be the same again. Their unfair tactics and procedures will make a good citizen resent law enforcement and the law in general.

If you have read my book called COPOUT, you will clearly see how I was raised and could also see where I was going. I was raised by my grandmother, a loving lady who did the best she could with nine siblings. But she was too old, too frail, and too sick to do the job entirely.

There is a simple reason why parents were supposed to have children when they were young. Parents need to be vibrant, active, healthy, and young to keep up with a younger version of themselves. Sure, some kids do well as adults without a stable home or family, but that’s the exception, not the rule. Usually they had some other role model or some guide to lead by example.

So, in closing, in my humble opinion, parents, love your children and give them the guarantees they need. Mothers, hug your children and never forget to say these three words: I LOVE YOU!

If you don’t, don’t expect God to love you. If you cannot love what you see, how can you love what you have never seen (GOD)?

And finally, for all rogue cops, it’s never too late to change. Trade now or you will pay the price later. I did!

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