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What is the definition of SMERFE sales manager?

Well, to understand what a SMERFE sales manager is, we must first know what the letters mean.

S = Social

M = military

E = Education

R = religious

F = Fraternal

E = Entertainment

Some basic examples of SMERFE Clientele that I would categorize are:

Social: family reunions, wedding groups, traveling sports teams, funerals

Military: meetings, programs, FEMA, government

Education: events, conventions, non-profit organizations, seminars, guided tours and student trips

Religious: conventions, meetings, prayer groups

Fraternal: schools, colleges, universities, fraternities

Entertainment: entertainment groups, excursions and trips

SMERFE sales managers need personality.

A SMERFE Sales Manager must be friendly, caring, and dramatic. They are creative, funny, and get along with everyone. They must be very patient and more forgiving than any other position. They are very different from a Corporate Temporary or Corporate Group Sales Manager.

To be a good SMERFE sales manager, you must develop a relationship with your customers. Get to know them and find out what their needs are now and in the future. Always make them your first priority. Make them feel at home in your hotel.

Schedule appointments with other group sales managers, request to meet with them, and ask them to refer you to your inquiries and clients. It doesn’t always work, but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

Always introduce yourself as the Group Sales Manager. Ask if it would be beneficial for both of you to start a referral program. Who will say no? Their titles are the same, which makes them equal in status, and any recommendation you receive can ultimately only mean more business for your hotel.

Knowing what it means to be a SMERFE sales manager is the first step in making your hotel stand out above the rest.

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