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Monster High isn’t just limited to the fashion dolls, matching mascots, and corresponding ragdolls that Mattel had franchised. It also produces other iconic toy products of the Monster High personality. One of these toys includes a small technological gadget, iCoffin, reminiscent of the horror decorations from a Halloween movie. This remarkable little device from MH looks like an old-fashioned coffin, but it really works as a handheld toy that kids can take with them anywhere. This cute little gadget allows kids to play different games, send text messages, and stay up to date with the latest gossip at Monster High.

This little black and pink device that looks like an antique coffin has an LCD viewing window and a button that lets you maneuver to the game or action you’ve selected. What is so cool about this device is that it has a slider keyboard on its side that you can easily slide out when you send a text message. This makes it a very useful accessory that is also very low in price, making it a very good choice to gift your child this holiday season along with his or her favorite MH fashion dolls.

This iCoffin handheld is becoming more and more popular among kids nowadays because of its stylish design, useful features and very fun games that you can play using the cursor that helps you navigate within a game and within a game. to another. The slider keyboard, on the other hand, will allow you to “text” and play other games. The coffin-shaped toy has the MH logo on the top panel as well as its LCD screen.

Highly recommended for children ages 4 and up, iCoffin is also popular with adults. The games available on this device can be played by both adults and children, if you are the type of adult who likes games for children. iCoffin is a toy that your child must have. It is not only a nice toy to play during your children’s spare time, but also highly recommended during travel, as it is easy to pack and store. It will keep your child busy and thus prevent tantrums during long-distance journeys.

It’s a creepily great way to keep up with the latest gossip and drama at Monster High, through its text feature. At a rock-bottom price of $19.99, your child can have freakish fun with this scary gadget that packs tons of skeletal fun. You can buy this toy at Walmart, Amazon, eBay, or other online stores. You just have to surf the net and find this amazing toy-gadget that gives you a taste of what it’s like to be one of the Monster High characters, producing this fun-filled little toy as you go through the halls. and Monster High floor.

Where there is one of the Monster High student characters, there is surely an iCoffin handheld on hand. This is because in order to be in and updated with the delicious gossip on MH, you must have the iCoffin device.

With a dimension of 7.5 x 1.8 x 10 inches, you can be truly scarily stylish while taking an iCoffin with you wherever you go. You can easily store it in your MH bag or carry the toy in your hand.

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