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Winters are always very cold and harsh in many countries, including many US states. Ice, snow, wind, rain, fog, and dark environment all contribute to dangerous road conditions. The combination of all the above factors causes many winter traffic accidents every year.

Research done on all traffic accidents indicates that most accidents occur at dusk, due to poor visibility, early darkness due to poor visibility, and other winter conditions. Another major problem during the winter season is icing on the roads that blocks traffic and leads to dangerously slippery conditions. Highway authorities try to maintain the roads by plowing and salting most major roads and highways. Your main concern is to keep the roads from freezing and clearing the snow fast enough to avoid road closures.

In winter, many cars stall while moving due to fuel freezing and snow accumulating in the engine. This is extremely dangerous as any other vehicle approaching from behind may not be able to stop in time to avoid a collision. Drivers need to be very careful while driving on winter roads and drive slowly and carefully in bad weather. They need to make sure the car’s lights are working properly and the tires are at optimal pressure. The oil level must be checked frequently and drivers must carry blankets, flashlights, etc. at all times during winter.

It is essential for car drivers to keep a list of important phone numbers that can be used in case of an emergency or if the car breaks down. Special fog lights and taillights can be fitted to help driving in heavy fog.

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