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A long time ago, mechanical watches (pocket and wrist) were invented to keep track of time and thus manage daily tasks/appointments efficiently. Over time, its use spread to other areas. During World War I, soldiers exploited a wristwatch to synchronize various maneuvers and even time their attack based on this synchronicity. Fighter pilots used its sophisticated complications, such as the chronograph and stopwatch, for similar functions. Later, scuba divers and scuba divers also joined, extracting data from its unidirectional rotating bezel.

As mentioned above, it all started with a pocket watch. Its evolution to a wrist accessory was rapid, but limited to the fairest genre. Yes, the first wristwatch was designed for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary by the Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe in 1868. Most brands of this era found it humorous and a product that they thought did not really complement masculinity.

Today, men and women wear these attractive and fascinating watches on the wrist with equal fervor. However, the heart and soul of a wristwatch has remained the same for decades. Most of them use quartz or mechanical movements. However, designers around the world have surprised and at times shocked watch connoisseurs with their “out of the box” facial designs.

Yiran Qian, a China-born, Germany-based product designer is one such individual. His critically acclaimed “Eye of the Storm” design took the watchmaking world by storm, pun unintentional, and earned him the 2010 Red Dot “Design Concept” award.

What makes this watch so special? The answer is its “transparent” design. The “Eye of the Storm” features a bare, transparent circular window in the center and a dark bezel. This minimalist design approach is not a new concept. Many designers in the past have taken the same path and delivered products that have redefined the way we view time.

The “Eye of the Storm” looks intriguing due to its faceless construction. From a distance it looks more like a bracelet, a fashion accessory than a wristwatch. Only when the non-intrusive button is pressed does the rim light up in two distinct places, representing the hour and minute in fluorescent color, usually orange, green, or blue.

Also, the missing metal base plate and native components make it skin-friendly, cost-effective and lightweight. It is these attributes that make it one of the best design concepts of this decade. But why call it the Eye of the Storm? The answer is the void it creates. It reflects a sense of destructive stillness that is synonymous with “real” storms. Watch it for a long time and you’ll be mesmerized by its silence and seamless construction that only features a small crown on one side.

Apart from this, there are many other designs that have revolutionized the wristwatch industry. You can buy some of these intriguing products at Poolkart.

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