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age restrictions for children on yacht rental in Cannes

If you’re planning a vacation on a yacht, but have young children in tow, you may be wondering whether this will be safe. The answer depends on many factors, including the age of your children, where you’re sailing and how much experience your family has. It also depends on the skill of your fellow sailors and whether there’s enough crew to give a toddler 1:1 attention should the need arise.

Generally, most captains are happy to take children on board, but every yacht has its own rules and regulations, and you’ll need to check the policy for the specific vessel you want to charter. You can do this by hovering over the text (on computers) or tapping it (on mobile devices) to see the policy. If you see “Child Friendly” under the policy, then the boat is indeed child friendly and is a great choice for families.

There are plenty of family-friendly yachts available for rent, and most have space for an infant or toddler in the main cabin. Depending on the type of boat, this can be in the front cabin or in the back of the yacht rental in Cannes. Some even have a baby cot onboard, which is ideal for small babies.

Are there any age restrictions for children on yacht rental in Cannes?

While it’s important to note that bareboating involves some risk, most parents we know say that sailing with kids is an incredible adventure they never forget. It’s a chance for them to unplug from technology, be active in the outdoors and live life on the water. It’s also a chance for them to build memories that will last a lifetime.

Many people who want to sail with a boat charter are concerned that their little one will be unsafe. However, if the youngster is well-behaved, is comfortable in a car seat (which they’ll likely only tolerate for short periods of time) and can be safely placed with a nanny or other adults on board who are experienced with toddlers, then you should have no issues at all.

Similarly, most young children at this stage love the idea of a holiday on the water and are usually happy to spend long hours exploring the islands and coves with their family. They’ll enjoy getting involved in the various activities on offer, such as snorkelling or kayaking. They’ll probably sleep well at night, too; the rocking of a boat tends to have a calming effect on younger kids.

Then, once they’ve reached primary school age, most kids really start to get into yachting, with the opportunity to learn from the experienced crew members and help with tasks like steering and trimming the sails. They’ll love the sense of responsibility that comes with this, and their skills will develop quickly. They’ll probably be ready to take on more challenging activities, such as advanced bass fishing or deep-sea diving, too.

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