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2. Positioning

3. Rhythm for the money magnet

You and I are skeptics, and that means we don’t believe most of what we hear and read unless we are presented with proof. We consider ourselves followers of Cause-Effect, not superstition, right?

This is pure common sense. Einstein said: ‘Common sense is the accumulation of our prejudices during the first eighteen years of our lives.’ But common sense is better than believing nonsense and being a fool. We are and remain practical people, skeptics.

Skeptic is Latin for reflective, inquisitive, and to examine, to look. The synonyms are: skeptics, incredulous, cynical, distrustful and questioning. Good features I say.

But with a background in law, we have been trained to absolutely reject unchecked beliefs and ideas. We support the scientific method. Show me the verified results of the experiments. We need and demand proof before revealing our mind, right? Has it been replicated by others? Why not? We are skeptics who read and listen to ideas and beliefs, however outrageous, and ask for proof.


The Bagha is more than four thousand years old and is part of ancient Yoga. What is it? You place the tip of your tongue for a fraction of a second at the front area of ​​the roof of your mouth. Because? When you trigger this physical (conscious) act and, at the same time, produce a mental movie (visualize) a goal, you improve your chances of attracting and manifesting your dreams and goals.

So what

If you use the Bagha to protect yourself from negative energies around you (sick people in a hospital),

It affects your emotional reactions to your circumstances. We are social and emotional animals, and wearing the Bagha plays on those human traits, instincts, and programming.

Wait a minute, what happened to the demonstration? Einstein also said: ‘Do your own thought experiments.’

Use the Bagha (touch the tip of the tongue to the front of the roof of the mouth) when you feel stressed, panicked or anxious. Say, “Bagha – Protection.” Works? It is your experience, so you decide.

Are you scientific? wrong question. Does it work for you? Is it just a coincidence? The results are the only proof that we all accept, right? Napoleon Hill said: “What we can conceive and believe, we can achieve.”

He was an archseptic, but he tested the effectiveness of many strange ideas.


Hey? Five minutes before entering the poker tournament room, do a Bagha. Close your eyes without being obvious, create, visualize and imagine a moment in your life where you had outrageous success.

regarding money. To me it was in my bank vault, counting my municipal bonds and wads of Ben Franklins. Capture that incident again for 10 seconds. See the mental movie and feel it.

But what if you’ve never had a wealth moment of outrageous success? Follow Professor William James, who produced the Law of Acting As If. He said, mentally imagine as if you had such an experience, and visualize it now. He taught at Harvard Medical School and believed in the power of the mind to use expectation to attract success.

Now view from where you are now: in the casino. Use your VAK (visual-auditory-kinesthetic) senses and add, if applicable, Gustatory (taste) and Olfactory (smell). Oh yeah, Kinesthetic is tactile, haptic, your sense of touch (feelings). Visualize what?

Mentally visualize the poker tournament process as you want it to unfold. Use your senses to imagine yourself taking the Jackpots often. See yourself smiling and laughing and racking up your chips. How long?

Ten seconds is good, twenty seconds is better.

Thirty seconds, divided into two fifteen second segments are excellent. Now visualize the hostesses serving you wine and caviar, and feel and taste them as if she were actually consuming them with delight. The Bagha is giving you a feeling of emotional confidence. You feel better when you enter the poker room. Pay strict attention to your thought experiment.

Will this Bagha nonsense bring you wealth, money and success? It’s your thought experiment, you decide based on the results, right?


Every thought that the human being has is located in a specific territory of your mind. Positioning is discovering these places to use in the present to achieve your goals and burning desires. Hey?

Imagine (law of acting as if) you have a big watch on your hands. Think of a food or drink you don’t like and avoid it like the plague. For many people, that thought (emotion) is found at 7 pm That is their mental position. Now think of foods or drinks that you would love to consume. For many, it is positioned on their mental clock at 1 p.m.

If you want to lose weight, avoid delicious but fattening foods. When you have a craving for, say, chocolate, use your imagination to tune in to 7pm, the foods you hate. Now your desire and taste for chocolate emotionally disintegrates.


Imagine a moment when you were very lucky and maybe you won the Jackpot. It could have been when you were a kid in a game or sport or playing poker. Recover that emotion with all your senses, look at it, listen to the sounds and feel your sensations of success. That mental location is just above your forehead, say, at 12 noon.

Now enter the poker room and intentionally move your eyes ‘up’ to your forehead.

How long? Two seconds is fine, five seconds is better. When you position your mind on the previous success, you activate your brain to generate similar circumstances. When I witnessed an experiment with Positioning, she won the first jackpot.

I chalked it up to coincidence and random luck. After he won the second Jackpot, I was surprised.

There was more to come, but I don’t want to create a gamer mentality that destroys the integrity of his thought experiment.

money magnet

Wealth depends totally (100%) on your attitude. So is winning at the poker table. There may be such a thing as money consciousness. What is it? A Rhythm (vibration) that attracts money to some lucky people. Some say it is the use and regulation of your Electro-Magnetism. That is your vibrational frequency.

It is real? Google: brain waves, beta-alpha-theta-delta. See: electroencephalogram.


Can you tense your shoulders, neck, and head and hold for about ten seconds? Do this in the poker room. See, visualize and imagine simultaneously winning the Jackpot. This is a process, so see in your mind how the whole hand plays out, not just the final product of winning the Jackpot.

Release the stress in your shoulders, neck and head after each hand. Hold the tension for no more than ten seconds at a time, and then release. Wait until the next hand and do it again, while visualizing your burning desire. It may be affecting your electromagnetic vibrational frequency.

Can you visualize money flowing, flying and being attracted to your hands? That’s exactly what mental gamers do. They call it being a money magnet. If it really works, you have to decide if you are willing to do a thought experiment. What I have seen threatens my status as a skeptic.

Check out ‘Mad-Mike, the Poker Pro’. He trains students for ‘Casino Hijack Poker Tournaments’.

Who cares, we’re skeptics, right?

final words

You and I are not players. We don’t spend $20 a week to win Lotto. We believe in cause and effect, coincidences and we are not superstitious. In fact, we are skeptical. If something works that goes against our mentality, do we deny it or want to know more?

More to come. See you.

Copyright © 2011 H. Bernard Wechsler.

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