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Types of Substrates Are Available Within the Rogers 4350B Family

Rogers 4350B is an RF PCB material that offers an excellent dielectric constant. It is designed to operate over a broad frequency range up to 18 GHz. This high-frequency performance is important for electronic components and transmission lines on the board. This high-performance FR4 material also has an excellent thermal stability, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications.

The dielectric constant of the substrate material used in a rogers 4350b is one of the most critical specifications for achieving optimal performance at RF and microwave frequencies. An inaccurate or inconsistent dielectric constant can significantly degrade correlation between simulated and measured results.

For this reason, it is important to choose a high-quality PCB material with an accurate and consistent dielectric constant. The best RF and microwave PCBs are designed with precise dielectric properties in mind. Choosing the correct PCB materials for your design allows you to optimize the circuit’s impedance, reduce loss and power dissipation, and achieve higher data throughput.

What Types of Substrates Are Available Within the Rogers 4350B Family?

Rogers high-frequency circuit boards are built with specially formulated and manufactured dielectric materials that provide superior technical characteristics to ensure better controllable impedance, reduced cross talk and signal latency for performance demanding applications. These advanced materials also have better mechanical and thermal performance than traditional FR4. XtremeSpeed PCBs are a good example of these innovative materials that deliver high layer count design capabilities with exceptional electrical, thermal and mechanical properties.

There are several different laminates and prepregs available in the RO4350 family, including the standard PTFE-based materials as well as glass-fiber and ceramic filled versions. Depending on the application, these substrates offer improved thermal and mechanical performance, lower thermal expansion coefficient (CTE), or higher specific permittivity.

For RF and microwave applications that require the highest level of performance, LeitOn offers the RT5880 laminate (PTFE/random glass fibers). This high-performance material provides low loss and high conductivity. Its stable dielectric constant of 3.48 +-0.05 across the rated frequency range and its high-temperature stability make it an ideal choice for many RF/microwave applications, such as amplifiers, filters, couplers and power distribution networks.

In addition, LeitOn also stocks the TC series of ceramic thermoset microwave materials. These PTFE/woven fiberglass/ceramic filler materials are ideal for high-plated through hole (PTH) stripline and microstrip designs. The TC series features a high dielectric constant, a low loss tangent and low temperature phase instability to enhance the performance of high-power RF signals.

These microwave PCB materials also feature a high level of etchability and corrosion resistance. They are also lead-free, compatible with FR4 manufacturing processes and are offered in flame-retardant versions compliant with UL 94 V-0. These materials are also available in a number of conductive copper foil cladding options.

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