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People often love their car, but just wish it was a little faster or cheaper. However, they feel they have to sell their car to do this. All car owners need to do is reassign the ECU to resolve these issues. Chipping and tuning a car is very common among car owners.

A new car is not cheap by any means. This is why affordable ECU remapping allows people to get more performance, efficiency, or both. The results of a car performance chip are amazing and it is an option that is growing in popularity with more people. New technology in a car only takes a few minutes to install via a laptop, and no one will know it’s ready until you drive the car.

In the past, making a car go faster was a huge mechanical process. Changes to the engine are made by replacing the car’s factory parts with high-performance parts. This was very complicated and was only intended for skilled and experienced mechanics.

Once computers came along, manufacturers began using microchips to control the performance of cars. They installed engine management systems in the car to balance performance, fuel economy, long service intervals, and reliability.

Most cars on the road have an ECU, which stands for Engine Control Unit. Changing the limits of the computers that control the engine makes it possible to improve horsepower, torque, throttle response, fuel economy, and perhaps all at once. It is possible in a few minutes by inserting a replacement microchip or directly modifying the ECU software with a laptop.

There is still the old way of installing a performance exhaust system or installing a higher spec turbo on a modern car, but this is just as expensive as buying a new car.

Car chipping is the only option in computerized auto mechanics. He was referring to when a microchip is plugged into the ECU. Now reallocation is the term used. It refers to the work done on a laptop to restart the engine for better economy and performance.

The remapping focuses on tweaking the engine management software so there are no physical changes to the actual car. People can buy portable units that plug into the car and allow owners to modify the ECU themselves so that performance mods are only installed when they want and can be removed at any time.

However, this process can still be a bit tricky and could potentially cause damage to the vehicle, so it’s best to go to a professional. They will also offer a better price than buying a device at home. The chips are still used to tune the ECU.

For comparison, getting a chip or remap is similar to the Sport button that many automakers are installing as a feature in their new cars. This is only fitted to faster models and doesn’t really give the car a real power boost. A remap or chip can achieve the speed, performance, and economy that most people want from their vehicles.

In the past, these high performance changes to cars were only made by car enthusiasts. Technology has made it possible for anyone who wants the increased performance and economy of more expensive cars to get it at a cheaper price. Getting an ECU remap can save money in the long run and give owners a more enjoyable driving experience.

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