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Sometimes I hear from people who are desperately afraid of not having the perfect Medifast experience. In other words, they worry that they will do everything wrong.

I heard someone say, “I have some co-workers who have had some success with Medifast. I would also like to lose some weight, but I am not very good in terms of fully adhering to the diets. I am always looking for ways to change it. For example, I asked about taking a cheat day and my co-workers said this would ruin everything. I asked them about eating a regular main meal instead of the lean and green food, and they scoffed. And I asked them about making some adjustments to some of the food, they acted like I was crazy or just wasting my time. Can you really screw up Medifast? And if so, how? Isn’t compliance better than nothing? “

Keep in mind that I can only give you my opinion. I’m certainly not an expert. You can easily call or chat with one on the company website. However, it is my personal opinion that the only way you can really “ruin” your Medifast experience is to quit smoking. Because if you quit smoking, obviously you will no longer get the benefits of the diet.

Sure, if you don’t always comply, you can’t always expect to get optimal results. But some results are certainly better than none. And even a small number of health benefits are worth looking for. I’ve always believed that it makes sense to do what it takes to happily stay on the diet. If that means taking a cheat day every now and then, I think it’s worth it, as long as that cheat day stops you from quitting and means you’ll get back on track afterward. When I started my diet path, I regularly added fat-free cheese and sauce to my food. I still add unsweetened syrup to smoothies. And in no way do I feel like my experience and results are ruined.

However, I’m not sure I’m in the daily habit of replacing lean and green food. Honestly, you can have a “regular dinner” and still turn it into a lean, green meal with very little adjustments. But I understand skipping lean and green from time to time, assuming it’s not a habit.

I look at it this way. Diet meals are much lower in calories than you would normally eat. So even if you’re only partially complying, chances are you’re still saving a lot of calories in what would be a typical day. Would you have lost more weight if you had played it safe? Probably. But I’d be willing to bet that you still would have done well even if you tweaked things a bit.

And I think it’s better if you take a longer-term view than a shorter one. Ultimately, you want to be successful and you want to keep the weight off. You are less likely to do so if you feel too restricted or private. So again, this is just someone’s opinion, but I don’t think it’s possible to “screw up” this diet unless you quit.

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