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Shuffling, a “lazy” form of walking by gliding rather than lifting the feet, became a dance form around 1989. Although it is debatable whether the dance began in Australia or Great Britain, it appears to be adapted from Irish step dancing, with toe-to-toe gliding.

Young people of many generations have embraced this expressive dance form, and today it is common to see the random dance in dance clubs and raves. Shufflers also dance alone, in public places, where they often capture audio/video of themselves on a cell phone, which they edit and post on YouTube or other social media.

Especially, when the dancer shuffles solo, the dance expresses the performer’s interpretation of a song. A song: the gift of words, set to music. The shuffler interprets the meaning of the song by choreographing random foot movements with hip, body, arm, and hand movements, as well as facial expression, to create personal meaning in words and music. The result, another layer of art splattered over someone else’s art, surprisingly sophisticated and cool. Those who are serious about this art form of dance work on it constantly, often looking into a wall mirror while practicing or reviewing their own videos to see which of their moves flow smoothly and where they hesitated.

Through practice, the dancer eliminates hesitation by disciplining his mind. So why do they do it? All the world is a stage, and this dance allows someone with a message to perform it on almost any flat surface. Music draws the ear, the bravado of a lone dancer draws attention, and if the shuffler executes the dance perfectly, he or she may receive a flurry of applause! The entire random dance, from setup to finish, can only take two minutes.

Shufflers share their art for free. If you see one in public, stop and take a look. Comment and forward the shuffler videos you see on YouTube or other social networks. Encourage a shuffler to keep looking for pure joy in their dance. Your cheers and applause make up for the hours of practice they put in to bless your life with two minutes of color. #Tag1writer.

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