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Free RN CEUs

During your nursing career, you’ll likely need to earn continuing education units (CEUs), and getting free RN CEUs is a great way to stay current on your skills. Some states require specific concentrations or specific length of credit, but there are a number of great options to earn your CEUs without breaking the bank. There are even resources that will help you keep track of your continuing education by offering a free checklist.

Continuing education is essential for nurses, as you must earn twenty to thirty contact hours every two years to maintain your license. You cannot carry your previous CEUs over to the next year, so you need to stay educated on your field year after year. You can take advantage of free online courses and classes, or attend free lectures and conferences at local universities. However, you should check with your state before enrolling in a CEU course.

While you can obtain free CEUs at a community college or online, it is imperative that you obtain them from an accredited provider. Some states require nurses to earn a certain number of hours of continuing education each year, so it is important to check with your unit educator before enrolling in a course. There are plenty of ways to get your CEUs, and you can do it at your own pace or by asking your employer for help. By completing a course online, you can learn about new medical practices and keep your license up to date.

In addition to completing an online course, you can save time and money. Many online courses are self-paced, so you can complete your CEUS coursework at your own pace. Many of these online courses also offer early completion discounts. This makes CEUS more affordable.

Free RN CEUs – How to Get CEUS For Less

Continuing education is essential for RNs. In some states, nurses must complete 15 or 30 contact hours of continuing education each two years. To complete these requirements, they can participate in online courses, read articles, and attend conferences or workshops. Some are even free.

Many health care organizations will offer free CEUs for their employees. However, they should be aware that the board of nursing in their state will have different requirements for approval of these courses. This means that you should check with your state board to ensure that you’re getting the right number of contact hours.

Another way to get free RN CEUs is to sign up for free online courses that focus on your specialty area. These courses will help you refresh your knowledge and improve your nursing skills, as well as boost your credibility among prospective employers. If you’re interested in taking free courses, there are many opportunities available.

If you’re on a budget, you can get free RN CEUs from an online resource called Coursera. This course will cost you only $49, and it will also provide 10 CEUs from the Texas Nurses Association. In addition, the Coursera CE course is accredited by ACCME.

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