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When you think of real estate in the Twin Cities, the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul provide a wide variety of home types and locations. They also have some of the best schools in the nation, lots of health care. The rivers and lakes offer a variety of fun things to do throughout the year. The area has won awards for best places to live for young people, best area for couples, and one of the healthiest states in the country. Due to their location, they have a labor market that does not depend on a single resource.

Thousands of people buy real estate in Minneapolis each year for these reasons. Whether you’re looking for an area that offers you many different small towns and suburbs or you’re just looking for an area of ​​a big city that has small town charm, it’s a perfect area that values ​​family life. It’s a fun place to go ice fishing, hunting, or snowmobiling because outdoor recreation areas include lakes and rivers, as well as forests. It has the Minnesota Twins for baseball and the Minnesota Vikings for national football and those who like to watch sports or take the kids out for a fun day out.

The seven areas of St Paul County and Minneapolis have more than two million people who have different interests, but all enjoy the quality of family life, excellent hospitals and school options. Forbes voted Minneapolis at the top of the most affordable places to live with a good life and plenty to do. More than half of the area homes that sold could be affordable for the average working person in the area. It ranked high in quality of life, art, and recreation options.

When it comes to big business, Target, 3M, Best Buy, General Mills, Cargill, and United Health support things to do in the area. Minneapolis is popular because many of the people work for these big companies and their families like the theaters, music venues, and museums that they support. When it comes to family values ​​and great things to do that are fun, the area is unlike other big cities.

Twin Cities real estate enjoys strong resale value because families are still moving here and jobs are still available. When it comes to raising a young family and finding a good job to support them, Minneapolis offers the opportunity for an affordable home, a steady job, and a growing area that offers exciting things to do. The area has also won awards for being one of the safest metropolitan areas, which is important for family life.

When you’re looking for the best places in the country to raise a young family, enjoy a steady job, and buy a home that holds its value, Minneapolis-St. The Paul area is a popular choice. In fact, as of November 2009, the median home price was $220,000 for real estate in Minneapolis. This number is up 2% from last year, compared to other areas where prices have dropped.

As you can see, when you compare those numbers to Florida, California, or Nevada home values, you can see why many people choose Twin Cities real estate over other areas. The diverse area offers many advantages for families looking for a great area to raise a family, work and enjoy life. You can see why Forbes lists Minneapolis as the most affordable place that offers great living. It’s the same reasons you should call a real estate agent, get a good job, and move here too.

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