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There is the sand, the sea, the calm environment and the atmosphere of a serene life near the beach. For me, there is no place like St. George Island. I had packed for a week’s vacation, and yet when I got there, I wanted to stay longer. What makes this island irresistible? The life you find in this place is an image of simplicity. Everywhere you will notice an unhurried kind of existence that you know you can’t afford to live right now, because your home is in the city.

St. George Island is surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Apalachicola Bay. It’s not often that you get the chance to dive into enchanting beaches or eat lots of oyster plates. Yes, it may be a dream come true, but this scenario is very real. You will surely have a great time with various activities that will entertain you during your vacation.

For many visitors to this place, fishing is one of the most exciting things to do here. Boat rental companies are very willing to help you get to the best fishing spots in the area. In fact, several species can be found in the waters of the Gulf, and you just have to determine which fish you want to catch. The boat rental guys will take you to that spot where you can catch the fish of your choice and partake of the bounty of the sea.

Species that are abundant in the St. George Island area are known as speckled trout, redfish, and many others. If you want to be like a true islander, you must also try the oysters, they come fresh at this place every day.

But not everything is seas and oceans what you find in this place. Other attractions such as the turtle sanctuary and bird watching, as well as walks into the lush forests, make this a complete vacation. At sunset you can go to the vacation home you have rented and be comfortable in a homey place. This is all you can do on St. George Island, and yet you’ll want it to last a long, long time. Enjoy a happy vacation on St. George Island in this beautiful place.

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