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Time management tips open paths for you to live your best life. But of course demands and distractions arise every day. Where are your efforts to keep success on track? Where do they fall short?

If you resist saying no to important people in your life, you may feel overwhelmed. And this creates enormous stress! Are you trying to protect an important relationship by saying yes when you mean no? If so, there is good news. Learning when and how to say no, across boundaries, will actually help improve good relationships!

The power of not

Here’s a new approach to finding time by setting limits. Being ready, willing and able to protect your time by saying no to unwanted demands and distractions strengthens your relationships in these 5 ways:

  1. Saying no makes sense of your yes. He is genuine, and people can trust him. You clarify who you are, and show that you respect yourself and your time.
  2. Keep your schedule manageable by saying that it doesn’t build trust. You just can’t keep all your commitments if you never say no. People trust you when your actions match your words. The more positive control you have over your time, the more your reliability will increase.
  3. Being authentic fosters authenticity in others. By setting limits, you encourage others to clarify their priorities, in turn. Although this can be challenging at first, with practice, you will learn to negotiate to mutual satisfaction. This is one of the most important relationship skills!
  4. Setting boundaries builds healthy boundaries. In the same way that muscles need to find resistance to become strong, a relationship needs to find its “edges” to develop maturity and depth.
  5. You bring a healthier, happier self to your relationships. By taking ownership of your time, you relate to others openly, without unnecessary stress, resentment, and exhaustion.

Saying it’s not a healthy risk. You should know that your relationships will prosper if you relate assertively and honestly. Over time, viable relationships respond positively to fair boundaries, carefully laid out. And you’ll experience the satisfaction of knowing you’re creating new opportunities for your relationships and your time!

Want to learn how to set effective boundaries while improving your connections?

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