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Fair & White is aimed at darker skin types, whether black, Asian, or mixed-race. Fair & White offers a number of different ranges tailored to different skin lightening needs. This article looks at the Original and Original AHA ranges.

The most popular product in the Fair & White Original range is the Body Cleansing Milk. The milk visibly fades dark marks and evens out the complexion. It also contains vitamin E to enrich the skin and leave it looking smooth.

The exfoliating soap can be used together with the Body Cleansing Milk. The soap contains apricot kernel to remove dead skin cells and hydroquinone to combat hyperpigmentation.

Most of the products in the Fair & White Original range contain hydroquinone, so be sure to check the ingredients before you buy. Although small amounts of hydroquinone may be fine for a short period of time, there are dangers associated with it. As with all hydroquinone-containing products, if you don’t see results after 6-8 weeks, discontinue use. Even if you see results, you shouldn’t use it for more than 6-8 weeks.

Hydoquinone Free Range

Fair & White also has the Original AHA range which is hydroquinone free. The active ingredients here are alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and fruit acids. Instead of whitening the skin, it works by inhibiting the production of melanin (which is responsible for skin pigmentation). Plus, fruit acids support cell renewal: dead skin is gently exfoliated to reveal a radiant complexion. The AHA range body milk offers the same results as the Body Cleansing Milk but using natural ingredients instead of hydroquinone. The AHA range offers a facial lightening cream that fades dark marks with the help of Bearberry Extract (a natural ingredient) and Glycolic Acid to gently exfoliate the skin.

The AHA range exfoliating soap does an excellent job of removing dead skin cells with the help of glycolic acid and also contains lactic acid to inhibit melanin production to fade dark marks and brighten the skin. The exfoliating soap is suitable for all skin types and should only be used every 3-4 days. When the exfoliating soap is used in conjunction with the body lotion or facial lightening cream, results can be seen faster.

Fair & White products are very reasonably priced compared to some of the expensive skin lightening products on the market. The exfoliating soap retails for around $11 and the body lotion for around $20.

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