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Scientific evidence and studies show that the mind and body are actually ONE SYSTEM. So you ask, “What exactly does it mean?” Our mind and our body are not as different as it is perceived at first, there is enough correlation that is, the relationship of your individual mind to your own unique individual body that houses everything about you! It is seen in science as the core of the problem or the logic that responds to what is commonly known as the philosophy of its one mind. Unique, because when God created you, he held the mold and no one but you can use your wonderful mind, body and soul!

Although not as simple or distinctive, there are still various concerns related to the nature of one’s particular mind; NOT perceptually relative, but primarily directed at the physicality of the body… If you are physically active, daily interacting with nature and keeping your attention on playful and witty information, constantly learning, you will have a healthy mind. , body, and increase your chances of enjoying a more successful life…

Our brain is an organ in our body, unlike other organs in our body, the brain is a unique thinking organ that retains wisdom and expands as it interacts with the universe. Our brain sees things, by its own reality, by the reality that we perceive, our actions, inactions and of course, by our attitude sprinkled in the mix… Many doctors, artists, students, lawyers, authors, musicians or The Entrepreneur you have created outstanding or fantastic works, creations or discoveries by following the inclinations listening to the direction and guidance of your brain’s way of processing information. If we process and assimilate information to our best digested method, the sky is the limit on how much we can really accomplish. We are everything we want to be when we include the power of our brains to empower our bodies, minds and give us infinite possibilities for a successful life! ~

To simplify, decide that you are going to have a great day, put your thought into intentions that are moving upwards, they will grant your wish. Invite moving thoughts that show self-love, respect, and testimony as your mind flips the switch to that uplifting, exciting, energetic, life-giving thought you are known to have! Do relaxing things and feel peace in your thoughts, in your body, and have a more balanced life.

Notice how your mind and body work together in unison. Follow your actions and intentions. It works by being aligned with your vibration. The mind likes action! It responds by uniting and supporting you to outline and successfully complete one task after another, done at your discretion and under your own direction… Where the mind goes, the body follows.

The same can be said for the stimulation of your brain, for your thinking, stay alert and focused: it enhances the receptors of the neurons that act as connectors, reaching the movement and lighting the brain, pulsating thoughts and neurons are activated and create events. and puts thoughts into action!

Mental attention and positioned focus are scientifically hypothesized to enhance your brain’s capacity with demonstrable and enhanced functionality. Knowledge and brain enhancement often invite calm, serve as a form of escape from self-imposed stress receptors, stress attraction, or other biological receptors that we allow to affect us…

It’s amazing what a walk around a lake can do for your self-esteem! Clean air, visual effects, all kinds of neurons, receptors and sensors are affected. Your muscles warm up and you feel the flow of blood in your thighs and calves. It’s warm and relaxing to have your brain stimulated! You can feel the blood flow to your neck and shoulders as they relax, even your arms feel weightless too!

The human brain, or as I like to call the thinking organ, is amazing and science is still learning and revealing a lot of information almost daily about the amazing connection between our thoughts and our overall bodily health… We are everything we are meant to be. we were designed. being when we include the power of our brain to work together with our bodies, minds and to grant us infinite possibilities for a successful life.

The human brain is so innovative that it can actually rechannel and realign itself, EVEN IN OLD AGE…

The only one that limits our brain is ourselves… Staying mentally and physically active actually helps us love longer; FEEL PHYSICALLY REVIVED, and live longer too… the mind-body The connection is indisputable and simply fascinating!

***I enjoy learning from you and others offering me knowledge continuously!~

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