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An attic remodel is a great way to create a room without the cost of a roof, exterior walls, or foundation. Popular uses for the attic are a bedroom, an office, a children’s area, a game room, and a living room.

However, before you begin, you need to find out if your attic is suitable for conversion and create a plan. Make sure the floor or joists are strong enough for you to stand on for inspection.

Roof: can he stand up or does he crash into the roof? Building codes require ceilings to be a particular height (typically 7 feet 6 inches above at least half of the available floor space). You must be able to stand up straight without bending over in the room. There are ways to deal with a low ceiling. If the ceiling height is too low and there are beams, you may only be able to use the attic for storage, rather than a bedroom.

Floor: The attic floor is the ceiling of the room below. The ceiling joists need to be strong enough for you to move around the attic and support furniture.

Access: how will you get in and out? If you plan to use the attic as a regular living space, you’ll want a solid, fixed ladder. Folding or pull-down stairs may be fine, but you need to consider how often the room will be accessed.

Lighting: do you want some natural light or will it all be artificial? Without natural light, the room can be dark and gloomy. Skylights and wiring may be needed to provide lighting.

Ventilation and Temperature – Attics are often uninsulated and unheated, typically hot in the summer and cold in the winter. You will need adequate ventilation throughout the room.

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